The Path Input SDK (SDK, Software Development Kit) can help you easily build a swipe keyboard. You can integrate it into your product. That will enrich your product's features and give users a better experience. From technical view, the SDK can achieve the following function: it can give the recognition result, a list of candidate words, based on the user swipe, keyboard layout and specified lexicon. Its main features are as follows:


Swipe keyboard

The SDK can help you build a swipe keyboard. The swipe keyboard means input a word by drawing its path on the keyboard. For example, to input the word "book", you can touch down your finger at key 'B', move to key 'O', then to key 'K' and lift up your finger. This input process can tolerate the error. In the above case, if you lift up your finger at key 'L', you can also get the word "book" since "bol", "bool" or "boll" is not meaningful or common English word.

Prefix prediction

The SDK can give the whole word even if you only draw its prefix. This is very useful to input long word. For example, to input word "quickness", you can only draw the path "q-u-i-c-k-n".

Multiple languages

At present, the SDK supports more than 30 languages, such as English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and so on. Besides, it supports the custom lexicon. For example, if you want to develop software that helps doctors prescribe, you can make the recognition results be the names of drugs.

Custom keyboard

The SDK supports kinds of keyboard layouts, such as QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY. Also, you can build a custom keyboard based on your requirements.

Great performance

The SDK has a great performance. It needs a little memory, but can give a fast recognition with a high accuracy rate.


The SDK is implemented by the standard C code. So it can easily compile and run on kinds of platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and so on.

If you’re interested in the Path Input SDK, please contact us by mail to get more info and discuss further cooperation.