1. How to add user words?

There are two ways to add user words. Both need enable "Allow Full Access" first. One way is add from Path Input main app. Click the icon of Path Input to open this app, then you will find a row called "User Words". You can add, delete or update your user words here. The other way is automatic adding. When you use Path Input keyboard to type a new word (not swipe), the Path Input can check whether this word is in its lexicon. If not, this word will be added into user words. For example, if you want add the user word "qwertyuiop", do as followed:

(1) Enable Path Input, make sure enable "Allow Full Access".

(2) Open an app, such as Notes, switch to Path Input keyboard.

(3) On Path Input keyboard: type "qwertyuiop", then type the Space key.

At this point, the Path Input knows you input a new word, and will automatically add it into user words. Now, the word "qwertyuiop" can be swiped.

2. How to play sound on keypress?
Enable "Allow Full Access" can play sound on keypress.
3. The keyboard doesn't work, how to fix it?

Please do exactly as the followed demo:

For Path Input +, see http://youtu.be/Qkn0PW6SjjI

For Path Input, see http://youtu.be/20hmRsE3VUk

If it still doesn't work, please reboot your device and try again.

4. How to get more support?

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us by: info@pathinput.com